Chiyume Sugawara

Born and raised in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan, Chiyume spent her youth developing her artistic voice by writing stories, drawing, painting, playing musical instruments and practicing classical ballet. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and Film Studies from The University of Victoria in British Columbia and complimented her education by working within the Canadian Film and Television industry as the assistant to several leading Production Designers and Art Directors. As part of the USC-SCA Summer Directing Intensive, Chiyume wrote, produced and directed Sakura, her first foray into short film in Los Angeles and was selected as a finalist for the VIP industry screening. In 2010 her film, Pretty Joy, which she wrote, directed and co-produced, received an Honorable Mention from The Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. Integral themes in her work include: cross-cultural integration, familial strength and interpersonal conflict. Chiyume is currently working towards her Master of Fine Arts in Film and TV Production at USC.






John Watson

John graduated with a Classics M.A. from Cambridge University in England. In his early career in Toronto, he teamed with Pen Densham to write, produce, direct, and edit more than a hundred films over a 10-year period—shorts, documentaries, educational films, television dramas and specials—garnering over 70 international awards, including two Oscar nominations. Moving to Los Angeles, he founded Trilogy Entertainment Group and has since produced 12 feature films, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (which he also co-wrote), Backdraft, Blown Away, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and Just Buried. Watson has executive-produced over 300 hours of television for both network and cable, including seven seasons of The Outer Limits. He developed the CBS series The Magnificent Seven, being the sole showrunner for two seasons, and co-created the TNT series Breaking News. Watson has completed screenplay adaptations of Tom Wolfe’s novel I Am Charlotte Simmons and Richard Condon’s novel An Infinity Of Mirrors. He holds the Broccoli Endowed Chair for Producing.




David Chen

David Chen, a recent graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts M.F.A. program with a concentration in Film and Television Production, has appeared in numerous independent films and voiced several Saturday morning cartoons, including the 2003 update of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Nicktoons’ Three Delivery. David’s producing credits include the USC thesis film Surf Detroit, the independent shorts Loveless and Same Old and the award winning student documentary Resistance is Fertile! Originally from Vancouver, Canada, David currently resides in Los Angeles and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Boston College, a Certificate of Excellence in Acting from the Vancouver Film School and is the 2010-11 recipient of the John Frankenheimer Memorial Fellowship.




Nathaniel Harrison

Nate currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and is a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Before attending USC, he obtained a B.B.A. in Management, began working as a free lance video artist making shorts, promotional, and corporate videos across the southeastern United States and abroad, and served as mentor and counselor to youth in Nashville, TN. While helping the youth he counseled to follow their dreams, he finally realized he needed to follow his own advice and moved to Los Angeles for a career in the cinematic arts. He is currently hard at work in the post-production process on a web-series and transmedia franchise as well as lead editor on a film funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.





John Paul Henderson

John started his professional career in business after attending undergraduate at Texas Tech University where he was a tip graduate in their nationally recognized business program. During his free time working as a financial associate he would actively pursue his love of film by working on set with major production companies and studios to include ABC, Happy Madison Productions, Fox, and Warner Bros. Studio.



Associate Producer/Unit Production Manager



Rebecca Louisell

Rebecca’s goal is to make films with social meaning.  A Studio Art major in undergrad, she then worked with youth as an outdoor education and political advocacy program director.  In 2007, she produced and co-directed “Being Lisa”, a short transgender romance that won the Alliance for Community Media’s Hometown Video Award in the Gay and Lesbian Professional category.  This experience led her back to school at the University of Southern California, where she is currently earning her M.F.A. in film production focusing on directing, writing and producing.  While at USC, she has been the recipient of the Troutner Award for cinematography and the Don Thompson Scholarship for Cinematic Arts for her work in LGBT media. 


First Assistant Director


Matthew Breault

Matthew Breault moved to California in 2001. He studied mechanical engineering at Stanford University and developed a love of design, creativity, problem solving and pragmatically viewing the world around him. In 2005 he relocated to Los Angeles and worked as an engineer before being admitted to The University of Southern California to study his true passion: moviemaking. In Los Angeles he has worked in both film and television as an assistant director, editor and director.


Second Assistant Director



Sam Schectman

Sam worked in Reality Television and Music Video production in New York City, before jumping into development under Sara Colleton, executive producer of the Showtime series Dexter. As her assistant and story editor, he embedded himself in the New York publishing world, tracking new literary material and guiding producers and execs through various stages of creative development. In 2010, he moved to Los Angeles to focus on writing, directing, and producing his own projects.





Script Supervisor


Mary Shellogg

Mary has been script supervising over 15 years. Trained and mentored by a fellow union script supervisor from Hollywood. In high school she belonged to the cinema club and was making her own 8mm and 16mm films. She knew she wanted to work in the film business and script supervising was in the middle of its physical form on set. Watching, note taking every shot the director commanded that was burned on film then to match, that was shot before lunch break or at a different day with a second actor, matching the continuity is a major contribution to the quality and effectiveness of any film, especially in editing. The audience is in a subliminal mind, always watching, always listening and never forgets and that is why a script supervisor is matching scenes so the film that is evolving from the screenplay to its physical manifestation becomes a smooth transition on screen and for the audience to see that director’s vision of the story.


Director of Photography 










Production Designer 


Courtney Rickett

When Courtney moved to LA it was not with the intention to work on movies. It was by accident that she found her calling as a member of the art department while helping a friend on a music video. Soon she was an Art Director for a short independent film, and then a Production Designer for several AFI student films. Production Design is the perfect melding of engineering and art, and she enjoys her ability to add depth to a story with the background, props and sets.




Costume Designer 

Pheobe H. Boynton

Pheobe has a BA in art history from Cornell University and an MFA in costume design from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Favorite productions she has designed include the costumes for The Elephant Man (El Centro Theatre),  A Christmas Carol (Kansas City Rep), The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Unicorn Theatre), Private Lives (Actor’s Theatre of Kansas City), Twelfth Night and The Barnbies Five (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Private Lives (Bay View Music Festival), Betty’s Summer Vacation and The History Boys (Cornell University) as well as several short films in and around the Los Angeles area. She is currently a costume design assistant with the LA Opera.





Makeup Artists



Narcisse Chico Kitabata

Narcisse was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. A talented painter, photographer, and sculptor, Narcisse moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue her artistic endeavors. Newly-inspired after seeing the work of two Special EFX make-up artists who use their abilities to reconstruct the faces of burn victims, Narcisse’s own work has been given a more definite direction. After studying Special EFX make-up techniques and graduating from Cinema Make-up School in Los Angeles, Narcisse went on to enter the International Make-Up Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) Student Competition in L.A. Narcisse earned the prestigious honor of being one of only eight annual finalists across the globe. That same year, she entered to compete in the IMATS Student Competition held in Sydney, Australia, ultimately taking 2nd place. This victory led to Narcisse securing a place for her work in “Make-Up Artist Magazine”. Narcisse looks for challenges in her life as well as her work. For the past several years, she has been a make-up artist for the film industry, recently completely work on “Singing Moon”. Her favorite memory from this production was a day of unexpected rainfall that had the cast and crew soaked to the bone during the shoot!  Since “Singing Moon” wrapped, Narcisse has kept busy, working on several projects, including a commercial, two student films and three independent films. She has a knack for creature design, and especially loves to create unique looks for monster films. Eventually, Narcisse hopes to use her talents to help accident and burn victims through prosthetics and other reconstruction efforts. Meanwhile, she is on the look out for the next great project! To learn more about Narcisse, please visit her IMDb site at



Robert Hill

Robert is happy to be editing Singing Moon. Originally from Alabama and Florida, Robert worked in television production for several years before attending USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. He has edited several award-winning short films, commercials, music videos, webisodes and more.






Visual Effects Supervisor


Amanda Elliott

Amanda was born in Ontario, Canada but spent most of her years growing up in Detroit, MI. Among her various hobbies including ice hockey, karate, and snowboarding, she discovered a huge passion for post-production, with a huge emphasis in visual effects. For almost 10 years, Amanda has worked as a freelancer at dozens of commercial post-production companies across the US working with clients like Activision and the History Channel. Amanda’s most recent achievement is working with other visual effect smoke artists on the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer for the video game that is out this November. Other clients include: Apple, US Bank, Burger King, History Channel, Adidas, Nike, BMW, Ford, Lexus, Audi, Toyota & Toyota “Swagger Wagon” Campaign, Yves Saint Laurent, HP, and NBC Universal.





Production Sound Supervisor


Rebecca Chan

Rebecca was born in Palm Spring California, but grew up in Taiwan. After a long search, she found her passion in filmmaking and pursued her master’s degree in film at University of Southern California. Recently graduated from USC film production MFA program. Trained and focused on sound and directing for most of the time pursuing for the master’s degree. Worked as a production sound recordist or sound editor, re- recording mixer on more than 15 films. Passionate about the world of film sound (both production and post production), Rebecca Chan is currently working as a freelance sound editor/ production recordist.




Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer


Jean Tsai

Jean studied Computer Graphics and obtained an MBA before coming to Los Angeles. She is currently in her last year to an MFA in Film/TV Production at University of Southern California. Her professional focus is film sound, where she found a new land to grow her fertile interest in both science and arts. She was trained by Tom Holman, Kenny Hall, Bruce Botnick, Don Hall and Richard M. Burton in USC, and, while still in school, she has recorded for almost 10 thesis productions, supervised/edited dozens of advanced projects and mixed more than 40 short films. Her work includes fiction, documentary, animation and new media. Jean joined Singing Moon to challenge her craft in telling a story woven with live music performance, and to support the writer/director, Chiyume—a talented good friend of hers since their first summer in California! (Jean works as a freelancer and can be reached through jeantsai.films at gmail dot com) ◆


Casting Director


Damian Pelliccione

Damian’s casting credits range from his work in feature films such as with Machine, to the television series In the Moment, to the short film Gay Baby and’s  HIV prevention and health campaign. He has produced over 15 web projects, 5 shorts, 2 Feature Films and 3 commercials including Taylor Negron’s (Fast Times at Ridgemount High, Bio-Dome) original Web Series THE FORECLOSURE Staring 80’s pop singer Taylor Dayne, Taylor Negron and Elisa Donovan (Clueless). Damion’s company, Stella Entertainment, is currently developing SITCOM SONS starring Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains) and Michael Fishman (Roseanne) and THE UNTITLED SANDRA BERNHARD WEB – SHOW. Damian is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America, the IAWTV (International Academy of Web TV) and currently sits on and founded the LGBT National Committee at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). You can follow Damian on Twitter at @DamianMedia and at