The spirit of a young musician inhabits his brother’s body for one final chance to be with his wife.


On the eve of his wedding anniversary, Lloyd, a talented up and coming musician, tragically dies in a car accident while arguing with his brother John. Two years later, Lloyd’s spirit, still longing to be with his wife Pamela, inhabits a guilt-ridden John. To their surprise, Pamela has found new love in Lloyd’s best friend and former band mate Denny.

Director’s Statement: 

On a cold morning in December ‘09 back in my hometown of Sendai, Japan, I thought to myself, “What if our spirits still exist after we die and try to hold onto our loved ones?” Over the last three years, death has claimed several dear friends and family members. Though I still grieve in silence, I feel as if their spirits surround me to this day. If I were to die unexpectedly, I would do whatever possible to come back to be with those I love and make sure they were safe and happy and say a proper goodbye.

Losing a loved one forces all of us to question the fragility of human life. As sentient beings, the poor choices we make in life often oblige us to confront our deepest fears and imperfections. The success or failure of our spiritual growth as individuals, in life and death, is directly tied to our ability to take responsibility for our past actions and to forgive those who have trespassed against us.

Singing Moon is about forgiveness and transformation personified through the stories of Lloyd, Pamela and John. I hope you enjoy and embrace their journeys and find yourselves released of your own sense of fear, guilt, pain, and suffering thereby allowing you all to live in the present and for the future.


Chiyume Sugawara